Where good things stand to reason

“From the region for the region: This has always been our maxim and will remain so.” 
Beate Huber & Herbert Ascher

EU-zugelassener Betrieb

Beef and veal (suckling calves) from Halsbach

Those who eat consciously wish to know where the meat originates that is in the oven, in the pan or on the barbecue. The Freudelspergers admittedly do not know each cow and each pig personally that is slaughtered in their butchery. But they do know each farmer who supplies them. And they understand their trade just as do the butchers at Halsbacher Qualitätsfleisch GmbH company. Incidentally, the junior head of operations there is personally responsible for the breeding of the suckling calves. 

Pork from Frotzhofen

As is well known, pigs are very sensitive animals. Fritz Bachmaier is aware of this and therefore exposes his pigs to as little stress as possible. And especially on the way to the slaughterhouse. He therefore drives the pigs himself to the facility in Pastetten 12 kilometres away; it is well-known for its careful and humane slaughtering.

Eggs, noodles and spaetzli from Massing and Gelting

When the chicken farmer attaches the greatest importance to the wellbeing of his feathered egg producers and – on top of it – spoils them with the best chicken feed from his own farm, you can be sure you are getting the best-tasting breakfast egg ever. The eggs of Thomas and Rosemarie Heumeier therefore not only taste good, but so do the noodles and spaetzli that are made out of the eggs. Happy hens also live at the Zehmer farm in Gelting, which is why these eggs are extra special.

Cheese from Tegernsee

Sustainable farming is of overriding importance. And it comes up with some pretty fine products. The natural cheese dairy Naturkäserei TegernseerLand eG makes cheese out of fresh pasture milk which tastes like the nature where it comes from. 

Beer from Maxlrain, juices from Rohrdorf

The art of brewing beer has a long tradition in Maxlrain: Since the early 17th century, a palatable beer out of hops, barley and malt has been produced in the castle brewery that not only appeals to aristocratic palates. Of course, the venerable brewery also has a wheat beer in its variety of products. The alcohol-free thirst quenchers literally bubble for fruity diversity, which – apart from the exotic types – originate exclusively from regional orchard meadows. ORO, the fruit processing in Rohrdorf, has remained true to its basic principle of producing healthy fruit juices from the local orchard meadows. Without preservatives of course, and with lots of flavour instead.