Tasty culinary treats for every party

A good mood whets the appetite, therefore a tasty meal goes hand in hand with a celebration just like mustard with sausages. This is the case everywhere, but in Bavaria, the home of hospitality, it applies all the more. Wherever a good atmosphere is the order of the day, we are there to prepare the food. 

What do we offer?

From pork:

  • Something different: Glazed ham with a honey-Calvados crust served with potato gratin
  • Real original Bavarian: Roasted suckling pig (divided into portions) with bread and potato dumplings and coleslaw (with bacon bits)
  • Something traditional: Pork roast with a crust, served with dumplings and coleslaw (with bacon bits)
  • Something extravagant: Roasted pork belly with stuffing of bread dumpling dough and gravy, served with homemade potato salad
  • Something sophisticated: Pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon with a creamy mushroom sauce and spaetzli
  • Something special from the Bavarian-American fusion cuisine: Spareribs marinated in a spicy-sweet sauce.

From veal:

  • Something delicious: Roast veal from a suckling calf with spaetzli or dumplings
  • Something tasty-tender: Tender veal goulash from a suckling calf with spaetzli or dumplings
  • Something historical: Roast loin of veal in homemade gravy with bread dumplings 
  • An old favourite: Wiener schnitzel (veal) with potatoes and cucumber salad

From beef:

  • Something hearty for tough fellows: Beef goulash with dumplings
  • Something classical: Burgundy roast in red wine sauce served with spaetzli or dumplings
  • Something English: Rare roast beef with remoulade, served with potato gratin

And otherwise:

Hamburger patties and patties with cheese, meat loaf in different variations, turkey and pork escalope, chicken legs, homemade lasagne, cheese spaetzli, lamb stew with potatoes and beans, pike-perch fillet in almond butter with fried potatoes, leek and salmon cream cheese, crackling fat, and cheese from the natural cheese dairy in Tegernsee Valley. Upon request, we also prepare buffets with Italian antipasti.

Would you like us to prepare the food for your celebration? Then give us a call or even better: Stop by at our shop personally.